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About Alexa Rank Checker


Using Alexa analytics, anybody can find out where their website is in the Alexa ranking system. Furthermore, it's completely free to use.

As a result of the tool's developers' extensive knowledge of web analytics, it's created to be very dependable. You can rely on our Alexa web rank checker to provide you with reliable and understandable information.

BRANDIT TOOLS' Alexa Rank Checker can provide you with the following information:

  • Global Rank: The website's position is under investigation about all other websites on the Internet.
  • Visitor Count: The number of unique visitors to the website (as estimated by Alexa based on the number of Alexa Toolbar users they can track).
  • Geographical location: The place where most people go for vacation.
  • Country Rank: The website's ranking in that country.
  • Change: How the site's position has changed, either for the worse or better.


Our tool is quite simple to use. It is not necessary to be a technical or an SEO expert in utilizing it. Indeed, it is as easy as three steps:

Step #1: Navigate to the current page (

Step #2: Type in the URLs you wish to verify in the text box provided. You may enter up to five domain names at a time, and our system will check all of them simultaneously.

Step #3: Click the "Check" button to complete the process.

Finally, the program will quickly display the Alexa rank results for a large domain, including all previously discussed aspects. That's all there is to it!


Some tools are available to check Alexa site ranks. Using a specialized page on, you may even see a website's ranking there.

So, why would you want to utilize BRANDIT TOOLS's Alexa web rank checker? In comparison to other tools of our kind, what distinguishes us?

Our tool is created with the most advanced technology required to provide you with the most accurate findings you can rely on is an excellent place to start.

On top of that, no other program makes it as simple to use (we checked out a bunch).

Moreover, you can use our free Alexa website rankings checker to see how many websites (up to 5) have the same Alexa rating.

The majority of other Alexa Rank checks do not provide you with this information by default. In addition, the website does not let you do numerous site analyses.

There are marketing advantages in monitoring website rank when you can view numerous sites' Alexa Rank at once to compare and contrast.

This tool was also designed utilizing a proprietary algorithm that closely examines Alexa's rankings. To provide you with reliable Alexa web rankings, our engineers have ensured that everything has been tested and is in working order.


You can figure out how popular a website is by looking at its "Alexa Rank," one of the most often used metrics. owns Alexa, an online analytics firm that collects information from across the web through different toolbars and web browser extensions and uses it to deliver web traffic statistics and other marketing metrics.

When it comes to services and initiatives that have impacted the world, Alexa is most well-known for its use in constructing "Alexa Rank," a ranking system that ranks websites based on how popular they are on the Internet.


Website popularity is now measured by "Alexa Ranking," a statistic. A ranking algorithm uses online traffic statistics to compile a list of the most popular websites on the Internet.

There are millions of domain names on this list. However, it does not include all of them. An exception to this rule will be if a domain name isn't popular enough to warrant inclusion in the Alexa Rank list (which happens by default).

A website's score is based on "how well it [has done] compared to all other websites on the web over the previous three months," according to Alexa

About the popularity of websites, according to Alexa, the lower their position becomes. It's perfectly natural, you're right! In other words, a website ranked "1" on Alexa gets more traffic than one ranked "100,000," for instance.

Let's bring this back to where it all began:

If you'd want to find out how popular an internet site is, you may use our Alexa Rank Checker (by BRANDIT TOOLS). You can expect accurate and intelligible results pulled straight from Alexa's web engines, thanks to the engineering we put into it when you use the tool.

We'll get into Alexa Checker by BRANDIT TOOLS in more detail later, but first, let's look at how Alexa Rankings function and why you want to check them.


Pageviews and users (reach) are combined to determine Alexa's traffic rank based on historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users over the previous three months and data from other various traffic data sources.

Rankings are determined using a proprietary formula that considers the average daily unique visitors and the anticipated amount of page views a site receives over the previous three months. This is how the ranking is determined. Alexa gathers its information from the millions of people who utilize a toolbar that the business provides on the web.

Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Alexa's website provide the Alexa toolbar.

Installing the Alexa toolbar on your browser is required to provide this data for Alexa.

Many people don't give much weight to Alexa Rank since it isn't installed and used by every single Internet user (ever). But, according to Alexa, their traffic estimates and rankings are "based on the browsing activity of individuals in our worldwide data panel, which is a sample of all internet users."

Alexa's statistics may help you get a broad sense of the popularity of a website, so it's still relevant in most circumstances. Then then, why would you want to look for something like that? What do you want to use it for, specifically? That's what we'll talk about next.


A website's "performance compared to all other websites on the web over the previous three months" is what you learn from Alexa. Analyze your website's Alexa ranking for free with our handy online tool.

Use Alexa Rank analytic data for the following four purposes:

  • You should know your Alexa Rank if you're a blogger or website owner since it tells you how popular your website is on the Internet. You may use the information to plan how to increase traffic to your site or effectively compete. In addition, you can monitor your site's popularity by checking Alexa Web Ranking regularly to see whether it is increasing or decreasing in popularity. Naturally, if you detect a decline in popularity, you may take steps to remedy the situation right once.
  • You may use Alexa to gather competitive information. That means you may use the information to do a competitive study and determine how much traffic a rival website generates. You may also compare your website's popularity on the web with the websites of significant rivals to see how you all compare. Alexa Checker, one of our unique tools, is a fantastic choice since it lets you verify the Alexa information for numerous websites simultaneously.
  • The Alexa Rating offers advertisers an indication of how popular a website is, so they can decide whether or not to focus their advertising there and how much to spend. In reality, marketers analyze Alexa website ratings when evaluating the marketing potential of possible target websites.
  • "Who-is-Who" Websites are divided into three categories by Alexa Rank, based on their location: global, country, or category. A nation or industry's top frequented websites provide you with information about "who is who" in that country or industry. You'll also be able to observe how your website compares to those of your competitors on a global and category level.

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